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Sanandana I love the raw doom sound captured on this album. The vocals would appear to emanate from a partially resurrected corpse trapped somewhere in a subterranean vault. The riffs are simple but effective, down-tuned to the deepest depths of Lovecraftian madness.
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Second Album of Macabre Doom Metal inspired by the literary works of H.P. Lovecraft.


released October 28, 2016

HP Doomcrafter - All instruments, lyrics, vocals, sample arrangement.

Recorded and Mixed by HP Doomcrafter between June and September 2016.

Artwork by Azie Ramdani (@gozien_crayon instagram)



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Plebeian Ottawa, Ontario

Macabre Doom Metal inspired by the greatest horror writer of all time H.P. Lovecraft.

Plebeian III available now.


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Track Name: A Bounty Not Yet Decayed
Maniac Magician - Sadistic Physician - Obsessed with Death - Brilliant Mind Possessed

Creep in the cemetery by the Moonlight, Shining the path of the recently deceased.

A lifeless corpse buried down so deeply, A bounty so fresh, as yet to decay.

An elixir of life unnatural selection, Wild theories on human reanimation.

Hideous the power that lies in the beholder, life has returned but at what cost?

Playing God arouses Suspicion, Bringing attention from those Forbidden.

Ancient Ones they give ... no blessings, the Doctor must pay ... for his meddling.

Things you've awoken are abominations of evil, kiss of death will be the least of your desires.

The price you pay will be with your own life, West is lost to the abyss of forgetfulness.
Track Name: Descendents of the Moon In The Mist
Creatures of Ib / Hideous Grotesque
Forfeit our souls / to lake of depths

dancing in the mist / of moonlight and madness
we bow down / the demon of the deep

enemy of men / their weak minds and hateful hearts
attempt to destroy us / but we wont back down

they stole our idol / the icon of power
we arise from the cold / great Sarnath we Swallow

moonlight bliss / dance in the mist
Track Name: I, Crawling Chaos
God of a Thousand Forms / Dark The Path He Walks
Enchanting Those To Follow / Down to Deadly Hollows

Crawling Chaos, Enslave Us All!

Crafting Chaos and Madness / Turning Man Against Himself
Warrior of the Outer Gods / Pulling Shades Unto Our Eyes

Crawling Chaos, Enslave Us All!

Corpses of Dead Worlds / Swept Into Chaos Talons
Chambers From Beyond Time / The Sleeper Bound In Slime

Crawling Chaos, Enslave Us All!
Track Name: Queen of the Cauldron
Bitter Taste the Dead Sea / Veils of Sunken Varlooni
Up Through the Abyss / Fixes Her Stare Upon Me

queen of the cauldron.
sorceress of the night.

Fear Seized Upon My Spine / Cold Fingers Around My Skull
Wolves Growl Forth Her Name / Midnight Speeches the Dead and Dreaming

queen of the cauldron.
sorceress of the night.

Traveled the seas below seas / Grave Beyond All Graves
Glimpse Into the Beyond / Landscape of Hideous Dreams

queen of the cauldron.
sorceress of the night.
Track Name: Something Red and Sinister
Track Name: Dream Sage